Today is Domhnall’s 31st birthday and we over at Domhnall Gleeson Network wanted to wish Domhnall a very Happy 31st Birthday on behave of our site and Domhnall’s fans around the world! We hope he will have a wonderful day celebrating with the his loved ones. Domhnall is not on twitter or any social media account but maybe a good way to congratulate him and to celebrate is to donate to his charity: ‘Immatürity for Charity’. You can head over to the official website, facebook or twitter account of the charity to find out more. The aim of ‘Immatürity for Charity’ is to raise money for St. Francis Hospice.

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  1. I just watched ” About Time ” with my boys , 13& 15. You are an incredible actor !!! The ending made me cry , as I lost my husband of 24 yrs unexpectedly 3 yrs ago , and this movie had me reliving how difficult that loss was .
    If I could have one wish , it would be for my boys to have the chance to spend one more day with their dad . Oh the fun and laughs they could have . Thank you for filling our hearts with hope for the future . There is always a rainbow somewhere hidden in the clouds . :-)
    What an amazing movie . What a great performance . Once again , thank you for opening our eyes and our hearts !

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